Here’s more great news! For the first time, Seasilver USA will be the title sponsor for a professional cycling team, Team Seasilver® . Eight professional cyclists will wear Seasilver® -branded jerseys and ride Seasilver® -colored bikes, and the team will even have a van covered in Seasilver® advertising! We''re very excited about Team Seasilver® because of the media coverage it will bring. We''re in the health business, so of course we''re thrilled to support athletes and reach more and more health-oriented people!

Here are some interesting facts about this spectacular new project:

* This team is a "Division 3" team, which means that it is one of only ten teams at this level in the running for the Tour de France (which attracts over 15 million spectators and is covered by CBS).

* The sport of bicycle racing is booming right now, and Team Seasilver travels through every region of the country to race in the most famous areas of the largest cities.

* The most popular races draw an estimated 500,000 spectators; since Team Seasilver® compete nearly 100 days a year, they will provide Seasilver with non-stop media exposure!

Team Seasilver Riders

Drew Deters
Jacob Erker
Peter Knudsen
Adam Livingston
Daniel Ramsey
Matt Sadauckas
Neil Shirley

Team Seasilver''s® Iron Horse

Here''s a quick look at the Iron Horse road bikes currently being raced by new US Division III team Seasilver®, parked, in the tradition of team bikes inside a hotel room somewhere in the USA...

Seasilver’s® team bikes are built around Iron Horse''s Victory frame, the top model in its five-bike line-up of road machines. The semi-compact Victor is built from Columbus Airplane aluminum tubing with carbon seatstays and Reynolds Composites Forks.

The running gear is a mixture of high-end parts from various manufacturers. Truvativ suppliers the lion''s share, coming in with cranks, bottom brackets, handlebars, stems and seat-posts. Tyres by Maxxis are wrapped round Reynolds Composites wheels while the team''s Nike shoes push on Speedplay Zero pedals and they sit on fi''zi:k saddles.

Other equipment sponsors include Sock Guy socks; Rudy Project glasses; Lazer helmets; Accelerade/Endurox R4 sports and recovery drink and Premier Nutrition protein bars.

By VeloNews Interactive

Gordon McCauley (Monex) won the Tour de Temecula''s opening De Portola Time Trial on Friday.

McCauley covered the 12-mile out and back course, with its short midpoint hill, in 24:48.9. Daniel Ramsey (Team Seasilver) took second in 24:54.6, followed by Thurlow Rogers (Jax Trek-VW) in 24:58.5.

Jeannie Longo won the women''s TT in 27.25.1, ahead of Susan Cooper (Bicycle Johns) in 27:48.3 and Catherine Powers (Dasani La Grange) in 28:25.4.

Today brings the Wine Country Road Race, held on an 8.5-mile circuit. Men will do 10 laps, women six. The tour concludes Sunday with the Temecula Grand Prix, a circuit race on a 1.3-mile loop. Men race for 90 minutes, women 55.

De Portola TT
1. Gordon McCauley, Monex, 12mi in 24:48.9
2. Daniel Ramsey, Team Seasilver, 24:54.6
3. Thurlow Rogers, Jax Trek-VW, 24:58.5
4. Chris Horner, Webcor, 25.14.7
5. Bernard Van Ulden, Webcor, 25.34.4
6. Peter Andersson, Viejas, 25.50.1
7. Kyle Gritters, Monex, 25.52.2
8. Neil Shirley, Team Seasilver, 25.55.2
9. Ryan Lane, Velo RPM-Helen''s, 25.57.7
10. Mariano Friedick, Jelly Belly, 25.58.6

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