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Fat is Fab Versus Slim is In    Absolute health

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Fat is Fab Versus Slim is Inmacho man opiniones

By Health Coach ⋅ September 29, 2012 ⋅ Post a comment

The battle of body sizes has always been a hot issue. There are differing opinions and varying justifications. Is fat the new fab, or is slim still in? Which side are you going to take?

Plus size men and women are the target of many slimming and weight loss programs. However, there are also strong groups who advocate that curvy is the new sexy.

What are the upsides of being, well, plus-sized? Let us count the ways:

Can you ever describe a thin individual as cuddly? Never.People with higher body mass index (BMI) are the best persons to cuddle and hug. They make the best spooning partners just when you feel down and alone.

With the right program, fats in key body parts can be turned into shapely curves that actually look a lot better especially with tight clothes. Check out fashion trends that provide slim individuals the chance to create an illusion of curves. The peplum skirt is a good example of creating the illusion of fuller hips. You don’t need them.

A recent British Medical Journal study concluded that women with fuller, thicker thighs have lower risks of early death due to heart diseases. Slim-legged women, on the other hand, have the greatest probability of getting heart ailments.

Studies suggest that extra muscles wrapped to your bones help prevent osteoporosis. Thin individuals with lesser BMIs are prone to develop the condition. It is advised though to do regular walking exercises to facilitate better blood circulation.

Slim individuals are believed to enjoy numerous perks. They have the bodies that advertisements repeatedly feature.

But aside from all the hype, what are the advantages of being slim?

Admittedly, slim individuals can slip into almost any kind of clothing without much hassle. End of discussion.

Having a slim body enables you to be more agile and have more endurance. Notice that the most successful athletes are slim. Thin people can play sports very well because they have lighter and more flexible bodies.

When you’re in a rush, you can easily sneak yourself a seat in the train because you are thinner. Your slim body guarantees fitting to almost any kind of chair and space. Watching a football match with a jam-packed crowd wouldn’t look like a marathon for you.

Slim or Fat: Which way to go?

The point is to be healthy. Whatever your body type is, the bottom line is to live a healthy lifestyle.

It’s actually a good thing that information on healthy living is within easy reach because of the Internet. Download free exercise programs and tutorials on healthy living. The only requirement for such finds is to have good connection.

At the end of the day, remember to embrace who you are. As they say, love the body you’re in and everybody else will love you back.

Amy C. is an enthusiast, focusing her studies on healthy living. She also lends a hand in the office administration and blogging activities for online agent listing. Get to know more significant studies by checking out her next post.

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